Staff at Ridleyton

The team of staff at Ridleyton Greek Home for the Aged is diverse in both culture and talent. There exists a large contingent of employees who have watched the facility grow, face challenges and change over a long period of time. The core, the heart of RGHA, is a blend of staff who have a long and loving history with the Home, and a set of management, clinical and support staff who have been established over the last five years.

In our recent history, the RGHA team has faced and risen to a great number of challenges and achieved an awful lot. We recognise that we could not have gotten to where we are without one another, and there is a high level of respect and appreciation for the contributions made throughout the Home. RGHA is all about its people, giving them a chance to grow, learn and expand their horizons.

The Management team is heavily focused on maintaining a high quality care environment, with an eye for continuous improvement.

The Nursing staff are a greatly diverse team,  with many different backgrounds, but also many who have progressed their Health and Aged Care careers through us. We are always searching for new, committed and driven talent. We have to, as our team is always learning, growing and moving up in the world!

The Care staff are absolutely fantastic at the core of their position - caring about the health, well being and quality of life of their residents. It is without a doubt a privilege to have such capable and competent staff who put so much of themselves into their work. Our Care staff are also continually looking to improve and progress through their careers a great thing to witness.

Our Hotel Services staff are perhaps our most culturally ingrained department, and without a doubt they produce a culinary and cleaning experience that is positively Greek to the core. The cuisine is widely celebrated, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and caring.

Lifestyle and Therapy Departments are also very active within the Home, and are an incredible asset for the well being of our residents. The Lifestyle staff are a majority Greek-speaking, and all are capable and willing to provide and promote activities that will be both beneficial and knowingly relevant to each residents life. The Therapy staff are a great resource to keep the residents thinking about their health and quality of their days. Many residents are motivated by the assistance, expertise and understanding of both departments.

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