Leisure and Lifestyle / Ελεύθερος Χρόνος και Τρόπος Ζωής

Our Leisure and Lifestyle team are a mostly Greek speaking department who engage our residents in a variety of fantastic activities.

The department is comprised of one full time Manager, six full time lifestyle assistants and two part time lifestyle assistants and a small team of volunteers all dedicated to providing quality of care. The purpose of the Leisure and Lifestyle Program is to provide activities to promote quality of life for all residents .

The staff recognize each person as a unique individual and facilitates the opportunity to maintain, and / or restore the meaning of life. It is their duty to respond to individual personal needs of dignity, independence, self esteem and self-fulfilment.

Leisure and Lifestyle is the facilitation and coordination of recreation and leisure activities for individuals who experience barriers to choosing, deciding and participating in activities.

The  team recognises the importance of family as an integral part of a person’s well being. Therefore, family are supported and encouraged to join all leisure activities and to hold family gatherings /  events on site. Please consult with the Manager to organise.

The aim of good work practices are to ensure that the barriers created by disability, ageing or social  stigma are minimised. Each program is developed through consultation with individuals or groups to create opportunity for participation, self expression, awareness, growth and development..

Each activity is tailored to the particular needs of each person, or group in order to achieve the maximum individual enjoyment and fulfilment. 

Recreation and leisure are generally recognized as being positive contributors to human development. Essentially all program planning, design and implementation is focused on improving the quality of life of individuals through support and enhancement of their psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and physical wellbeing.     

The Leisure and Lifestyle program and minutes of meetings are available to families and friends on the communication board in the foyer. The newsletter and minutes are also posted to residents next of kin monthly. Digital display in foyer also advertises the monthly activity program .

 See our current Brochure below:

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